Finally, more women are playing online games. We wanted to know what else might have contributed to this change in women & gambling. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the topic.

One reason why more women are finally gambling: online gambling

The classic casino is still alive, with all the men and women in fine threads, cocktails, chips and gaming tables. But so do the poker halls with lots of men with cigars, whiskey or energy drinks at smoky poker tables. Unfortunately, the majority of the women seen in these scenarios belong to the casino staff.

Nevertheless, in the last 30 years, classic casinos have been able to attract many more female players than ever before. Nevertheless, they still represent the minority. A really noticeable change only came with virtual casinos and online gambling. Significantly more women have been sitting at the virtual gaming tables since then. Another reason is that they are left in peace there. Unfortunately, it is still the case that women feel uncomfortable or unsafe in casinos because of some intrusions on the part of male players. None of this exists at home. Who is bothered by the fact that some of the noble casino style is lost in the process. Since mobile devices and computers have become an integral part of our everyday lives, women can now play in a casino anywhere and at any time. This is precisely what makes the group of female players such an attractive target group for online casinos. Meanwhile, the marketing industry has also recognized this and contributed a lot to the fact that women are specifically promoted by online gambling.

Targeted marketing bring women & gambling closer together

Design is an important part of well thought out marketing strategies. Whether it’s online casinos or other virtual gambling games, the look has changed a lot from what it used to be. The design of games or online casinos has turned away from macho getups of earlier times. It has now become more neutral, with sometimes special color schemes or layouts that clearly target female players.

The range of slots and casino games currently available is aimed equally at both sexes. However, some game designers have developed new games that are clearly aimed at the female player market segment, be it through cute animals, more appealing music or feminine colors and themes.

Social media gets more women playing

It has been proven that women spend a lot of time on social media. At the forefront among the most used channels are Facebook and Instagram. Online casinos know that they benefit from linking to these media and advertising there. The path from advertising banner to online gambling is just a click away. Moreover, the use of social media also accommodates another female trait – women like to share their experiences with their friends on social media. This is free advertising for online casinos in exactly the right target group.

Women & Gambling and some success stories

Gender statistics show that when it comes to gambling, women tend to stick to random bets rather than strategy games. They prefer the classic slot machine game, online bingo and also various lotteries. Unfortunately, even in online poker, more men than women still participate. Of course, this could also be due to the fact that men have a huge advantage when it comes to playing poker. But even here, there are now female shining lights who have conquered their place in the poker hall. The former professional American poker player Vanessa K. herself won the coveted golden bracelet three times. In live poker tournaments, she won a total of about $12 million in prize money. Her example shows that women can be just as successful at poker as men. Vanessa’s success has inspired a great many other women to follow their own poker dreams.

Things have also been happening behind the scenes for a long time – there are some women who have a better hand at management than at gambling. One example is the British woman Denise Coates. At the turn of the millennium, she acquired the domain In just one year, she set up an online platform for betting and gambling. Today Bet365 is the world’s largest provider of online betting. Denise Coates, though not a child of poor parents, created her own fortune of now over five billion pounds. As a woman in the gambling industry, she has hit her own personal jackpot.

The gaming industry is an industry that does not stand still and is constantly changing. This is due not only to social change, but above all to the many new opportunities and developments brought about by modern technology. Women are playing a much more important role in this than ever before, whether as game programmers or gamers. It may still take a little while for them to catch up with men completely, but they are making great strides.