Five Card Draw Poker

The players

Five Card Draw is played with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 or 7 players. There is a clockwise rotating dealer, which can be recognized by the dealer button. He acts as a dealer and referee, but in online games he is only the virtual dealer, with the dealer button moving from player to player and influencing game action.

Das play money

Five Card Draw Poker is played with game chips of different colours and different values as virtual currency. In casinos special, individually designed chips are used and in online gaming they are simply called stakes, chips or game chips. They are only used as value. They are also important in Five Card Draw Poker to pay bets and bid with. At the beginning of the Five Card Draw Poker game, the players all start with the same amount of game chips.

The insert

Five Card Draw Poker can be played with either an ante or blinds, although the game is usually played with an ante. It is set before the game starts and must be paid into the pot before the cards of a new round of play are dealt. This is called the buy-in.

When playing with blinds, there is no ante. There is a small blind and a big blind, that is, a lower and a higher set stake. Only the two players following the dealer must post these blinds – first the small blind and then the big blind. In each new game round, the blinds move clockwise among the remaining players in the hand. The size of the blinds is determined before the game starts. Usually the big blind is about 1/100 of the ante. The small blind is half of that amount.

Game description

There are only four stages in the Five Card Draw Poker game: Immediately after the cards are dealt, a betting round in which bids are placed. Then follows a so-called Draw Round, where cards can be exchanged. This is followed by a second and final Betting Round, in which various game actions can be played, and then the Showdown, where the winner of the pot is determined if necessary.

The deciding factor is either the best tactic in bidding and poker itself or the highest poker hand. Players can bid, call, raise, fold, fold or deal in the game sections without having played any of the other actions.

In the Five Card Draw Poker game, each player is dealt five playing cards face down. The cards are dealt one at a time, clockwise, starting with the player to the left of the dealer position.

The sections of the game:

The first round

This first round in Five Card Draw Poker is also known as the Pre-Draw. Before the cards are dealt, a so-called burncard is put away and all players must pay the ante. Then the five playing cards, also called down cards, are dealt face down. The remaining playing cards are placed in the middle of the table. The players determine the value of their poker hand and decide whether to fold, i.e. not to continue participating in this poker round or to stay in.

In Five Card Draw Poker, the first player to the left of the dealer can check, so just pass the game on to the next player without bidding. He can also bet an amount immediately and bid at the previously set bet limit. If he checks, all subsequent players have the option to check or bid. When one of the players has bid, all subsequent players can only perform the Call, Raise or Fold actions. Checking is then no longer possible. Once the bidding has started, the round continues until all players have either deposited the same amount or all but one of them have folded. This last player has won the pot.

Call means to keep up or call and bet the same amount of chips.
Raise means to raise the previously placed bet
Fold means putting away playing cards and giving up and not participating in the game anymore.

In five card draw poker, the rule is that a player may only bid once in each round of the game and may not raise again immediately if it is his turn again and no other player has raised before him. In total, a player may raise a maximum of three times in one round. Once a player has started bidding, he can then raise, outbid again and finish the bidding with the third raise, the so-called cap.

The second round

Now the round begins in which each player can exchange playing cards. In poker jargon this is called a draw. Each player can discard cards that are worthless to him or her and receive the same amount of new cards. The discarded playing cards are not shuffled with the rest of the deck. The maximum number of cards that can be exchanged is always determined before the game starts. There are game variants in which a maximum of three cards can be exchanged. The usual rule is that all playing cards may be exchanged. The cards are exchanged in turn, starting with the player sitting after the dealer position. The exchange action may only take place once. Exchanged cards may not be resumed.

If the playing cards run out in this exchange round, the last playing card is never dealt. The reason for this is that one of the players may have confessed this bottom card in any section of the game, thereby gaining an advantage. The cards previously discarded by the players are collected by the dealer, the last card from the original pile is added and then the cards are shuffled. After that the exchange round can continue.

The players also have the option of keeping all their cards. In poker jargon this is called Stand Pat. When all players have their new cards in their hands, they must decide whether to continue playing or fold.

The third round

The third and penultimate round begins when at least two players wish to continue playing. This round in Five Card Draw Poker is also known as Post-Draw. This is the only stage of the game where there is only bidding. The procedure is exactly the same as in the previous round of betting. Who will start bidding should be determined before the game starts. It can start with the player who last raised or, if he or she is no longer in the game, the player who started the first round of betting or simply the remaining player sitting after the dealer position. When the bidding is finished, the showdown continues. If all but one of the players have given up and folded their cards, the winner of that round is determined and the game is over.

Showdown - the last round

The players who have made it to this fourth round of the game now turn their cards over. The player who previously opened the bidding must first reveal. Then the other players can reveal their cards. The dealer then determines who has the best poker hand. This player wins the pot.

If players have poker hands of equal value, the pot is divided between these players.

Interesting variants of the Five Card Draw Poker game

A rule sometimes used is to play with an extra card, the joker. Here, before the game starts, it is agreed how the joker may be used.

It can replace any playing card. Combinations of five identical cards are possible. In poker jargon this is called Five of a Kind. If a player manages to get five Aces, this hand beats the Royal Flush.

Or it is specified that he may only replace certain cards. This rule is called a bug in poker jargon. The joker can be used as an ace or as a playing card that completes a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush. In the bug game, only one Five of a Kind is then possible: five Aces. This is the highest possible poker hand.

Five Card Draw Poker is very often called “Jacks or Better”. This means Jacks or Better. In its original form, it was played so that the player with a pair of jacks or better opens the game. He must be able to prove this at the end of the game. If nobody has Jacks or Better in their hand, the cards are collected and shuffled again. The bets already paid remain in the pot. Bets must be placed again and the game starts again. It can happen that several attempts are necessary to start the game again. The pot will grow accordingly. This variant will be easier to play if all cards below the value of eight are removed from the deck.