Learning the art of poker

Poker – recreational pleasure or occupation only for robust men? Poker rounds in the saloon are fortunately long gone. Today, playing poker is very popular among men and women and thanks to the internet it is very common. Poker friends all over the world can compete with like-minded people in virtual poker rooms. The game is so interesting and versatile that all poker players are always learning something new.

There are also different types of poker, all of which offer excitement at every stage of the game and become more challenging as the experience increases. Online poker is not played monotonously against a computer, but against strategically thinking and acting real players. Those who enjoy it learn to play their chances and their opponents skilfully.

Poker variants

Texas Hold'em

The classic and most popular poker variant played on most online poker platforms, in private poker rooms and in real casinos. The best poker hand consisting of two own and five community cards or the strategically best player wins. There are several sub-variants where the bidding varies: No Limit, Pot Limit, Split Limit and Mixed.


Omaha poker is a more exciting variant of Texas Hold’em. Players are each dealt four cards of their own. They can therefore combine much better poker hands with the five community cards. However, only two of your own cards may be used at any one time. In Omaha there are other sub-variants such as Hi-Lo, Five Card and Corchlevel.

Five Card Draw

Five Card Draw can be suspiciously called the original form of poker as we know it today. This variant became known through the Hollywood movies. Although Five Card Draw is no longer played so often today, it still finds enough fans who love this simpler variation. There are also some very interesting game variations.

Seven-Card Stud

This poker variant has been around for a very long time. Poker Puritans see 7-Card Stud as the most original, challenging and exciting of all poker games. Players must be attentive and experienced. It requires a good memory, skill and strategy. Variants are Stud Eight-or-Better, Spread-Limit 7-Card Stud, Pot-Limit Stud.

Five-Card Stud

Five Card Stud is considered one of the earliest forms of American poker. It is played very little today. Especially poker is an art in this variant, because if you play poker with only one face down card, you must be really good at poker. Five Card Stud exists worldwide in many different variations.


Razz is a popular variation of the Seven Card Stud Poker game. The challenge for the players: In this variant, they have to completely rethink their hand rankings. Razz is played “low” and the lowest poker hand wins. This game is also known as Seven Card Stud Lowball.

Poker Language

In order to play poker at all, it takes a little bit of preparation. It’s actually no different than any other card game, but in poker there are a few special features that need to be learned. One of them is the language – the technical terms in the game are in English. This may be a little confusing at first, but in itself it’s easy to learn. There are general terms and more specific ones depending on the game.

Poker Hands

In addition to the rules and game flow of all poker variants, it is really important to know and internalize the ranking of each poker hand. After all, in poker with game play it is crucial to know whether a player’s own cards and the cards exposed on the table can give him a good or bad card combination. What could a fellow player combine? Is it worth risking a large amount of chips or not?

Poker rules and strategies in the game of poker

This is where the fun really begins. The rules of the game and the gameplay are simple and straightforward and vary slightly depending on the game variant. The strategy, however, is the really interesting thing about playing poker. It’s a mixture of the player’s position at the table, his starting hand, knowing how his opponents are playing, and finally, bidding in every stage of the game. And that’s really what makes poker so exciting and interesting. And all four areas are equally important for a successful game.