Black Jack is one of the classic casino games and is very popular among players. Today, online casinos offer different variants of Black Jack, which are easy to learn and fun to play. To win, however, it takes more than fun: a good strategy and playing discipline. Here are our tips!

We cannot always win at Black Jack, but we can of course increase our chances of winning. Especially when we play for real money in the online casino, we want to beat the virtual dealer and this is where Black Jack game strategies come into play. But before players deal with this, they need to know two things: First, what immediate game decisions they need to make and how they will affect their Black Jack play. And secondly, how the casino rules for playing Black Jack are designed.

Black Jack game rules to refresh

The game decisions that every Black Jack player must make are based on the objective of the Black Jack game, which is actually quite simple. The player plays against the dealer. To win against him, the player must have a card total of less than 21, but still have a card total that is higher than the dealer’s card total. To achieve this, players must make immediate game decisions. In Blackjack, there are these options:

Hit – another card is desired. They can request another card as often as their card total is over 21. Then they have overbought (bust) and lose their bet to the dealer.

Stand – no further card is desired because the card total is sufficient or it would be too risky to take another card.

Split – this is possible when two cards of the same value are present. They can be split between two decks of cards and are then played as two separate hands with corresponding stakes.

Double down – doubles the bet on the game. This is only possible on the first move and after that the player only receives one more card.

Surrender – this means to surrender in the played round and lose only half of the bet.

Versicherung – a way to protect yourself against a loss.

Casino rules briefly explained

The online casinos offer blackjack in different variations, and each variation has its own rules that players must be familiar with. It is therefore important to get an overview of the games and to pay attention to those with the most liberal rules possible. Liberal usually means that the payouts are more advantageous for the player. However, it can also mean, for example, that not too many decks of cards are used at a blackjack table. Players should pay attention to the following rules when choosing an online blackjack table:

  • A Black Jack is paid 3 to 2 or 2 to 1 – very bad would be 6 to 5
  • A maximum of six decks are used
  • Doubling is not limited
  • Doubling is allowed after splitting
  • Splitting of hands is not limited
  • Splitting aces again is allowed
  • Early or late posting is permitted
  • Dealer no longer draws on a soft 17
  • No bet loss on a push (nobody wins)

On the other hand, players in online blackjack have a distinct disadvantage with this type of rules:

  • A blackjack is paid 6 to 5, 7 to 5 or even 1 to 1
  • Dealer draws additional cards on a soft 17
  • Doubling only possible to certain numbers
  • Limited or prohibited splitting
  • Doubling after splitting not allowed
  • More than six decks
  • Casino wins on a push

The basic blackjack strategy

Blackjack players often talk about the basic strategy, a simple logic to avoid mistakes that lead to bet losses. Not everything in the game of Black Jack is a matter of luck – most of it is mathematics! By applying a basic strategy, which can also be considered a conservative Black Jack strategy, a player could influence the actual casino advantage in his favor. It is indeed worthwhile to understand and always apply this basic strategy. Ultimately, the dealer also operates according to similar strategy rules set by the casino.

One tip in advance: players should always concentrate on their own cards. What other players do is completely unimportant. That said, however, it is worth taking a look at the card values played and keeping them in mind. And regardless of whether players are having a good or bad run, they should not let it affect them and always stick to basic strategy. Being careful with your bets is also a good approach.

The basic strategy starts with a simple but very important point in terms of strategy – players should not be dealt another card at 17. It’s also highly advisable not to take out insurance, as the advantage here is clearly with the casino.

This brings us to the strategies for the individual game promotions. Depending on what the dealer is likely to have in his hand, it is important that players do not split their own strong card combinations. Strong combinations include all cards with a value of 10, which is already 20 points, which the dealer must first beat by 21! On the other hand, it makes a lot of sense to split a pair of aces. A pair of 5 should not be split. Doubling the stakes makes sense when players hold two cards that add up to 11 points. After that you only get one more card. If you are lucky, it is a 10, but if the dealer has a 10 or an ace, then Double down should not be used. The chance of losing is high. However, if the dealer is holding a lower card, it is likely that the chance of winning is lost and double down should not be used. Surrendering is worthwhile if players are holding a bad card combination and the dealer already has an ace in front of him.

Other rules of thumb are that if you have less than 8 points, you should continue playing but stop at 12 or more. Between 9 and 11 should be doubled.

Players will occasionally hear two terms used in Black Jack play: hard and soft hands. Hard hands do not contain Aces and therefore consist only of other cards. Soft hands contain Aces that count as either 11 or 1, depending on how the player uses them. Therefore they can almost never cause a bust.

Black Jack Strategy Cards

If you are really serious about playing online blackjack, you should get a strategy card. Such a card makes it easier for players to make strategically sensible game decisions and thus lose fewer bets to the bank. This is especially important in high stakes online Black Jack games. A strategy card is nothing more than an ingenious table, which, by the way, will never suggest insurance.

Here is an example of a Black Jack strategy card:

The respective abbreviations are

H = Hold
D = Draw
DD = Double down (if not possible, then draw)
SP = Splitten
S = Surrender (sif not possible, then draw)

Dealer Karten2345678910Ass
Spieler Karten



The blackjack odds

If you want to master Black Jack, you need to understand the probabilities for each card scenario. On the one hand, it’s all about the chance of winning and on the other hand, the probability of outbidding each other. The latter increases the higher the value of the hand cards. Consequently, at 11 points or less, this probability is 0% and, logically, at 21 points, it is 100%. There are such calculations for the dealer as well. On the Internet you can find some such probability tables.

Now, if you think that all this is too much of a good thing, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at it. Not only does the fun of playing Black Jack increase when you have a little more insight into such tables, but your own chances of winning will certainly also increase.