Mobile gambling – a few statistics

The statistics on mobile gambling are quite interesting: Among mobile devices, those with Android operating systems are among the most frequently used gaming devices with a 78% share. In general, 43 % of the time spent on smartphones is spent gambling – in the Corona year this time will certainly be even higher. Surprisingly, women play far more on their smartphones than men – their share is 63%. Those who think that children and young people play more games on their cell phones are completely wrong – their share is only 8%. 55% of all cell phone and tablet players are over 50 years old and they prefer to play card games online. For online casinos, mobile technology is therefore a real blessing and a guarantee for good sales around the clock.

Mobile gambling – app or browser?

The fact that playing on mobile devices is so widespread is probably also due to the fact that it is much more practical than playing on a PC. The casino games can simply be downloaded from the App Store and once installed, they are ready to play. However, thanks to better technology, the game developers for online casinos have started a small revolution in terms of handling and quality of casino games. As a rule, apps are no longer necessary today, as most online casino games can be played directly in the browser of the respective terminal device. And thanks to touch screen technology, only one finger is needed to turn the slot reels or place the game chips.

No gaming fun is possible unless online players use a smartphone with an outdated operating system. Otherwise, both apps and browser games run equally well on today’s smartphones. However, playing casino games in the browser is clearly the general trend. The background is that the apps of online casinos are often only slimmed down versions. This is because online casinos have to have their respective apps programmed for the various operating systems. Clearly, this is an expensive matter.

Online Casinos older than Smartphones

By the way, online casinos have been around since the 1990s – but real smartphones have only been around since early 2007, when Apple launched its classic iPhone. Since then, online casinos have developed considerably and offer online players impressive graphics, sounds and animations. In order to enjoy these to the full, mobile online players need a smartphone that is as up-to-date as possible. Whether casino app or browser casino game – online casino games are especially pleasant to play on devices with a larger screen surface. So-called phablets, particularly large Internet-capable cell phones or tablets or iPads are best suited for this.

It also makes a difference which browser is used. The manufacturer-specific browsers such as Safari on Apple and Samsung browser on Samsung devices are not always a guarantee for smooth gaming pleasure. Sometimes the online casinos give recommendations. It is important to always check whether the browser used is up to date. A crash of the software in the middle of the game is very annoying. The same applies of course to the Internet connection. Online casino games should only be played with a stable and good Internet connection. It is also advisable to check the fine print of the respective online casino to see what happens if the online game breaks down for the above reasons. There are usually various setting options for this.

Gambling on mobile devices – what does the future hold?

There is no doubt that mobile gambling will continue to develop strongly. Not only will the games and the gaming experience become better and better – completely new possibilities will open up. VR and AR are the most exciting technical possibilities. VR stands for virtual reality and AR from the English word “augmented” means augmented reality. The virtual casino on mobile devices could thus become an even more realistic experience for online players.

For game developers, this means a whole new spectrum of possibilities. Since we can assume that smartphone technology will also develop strongly, games will certainly also develop strongly in terms of functionality and graphics. Who knows, perhaps this will lead to another major evolution of mobile gaming. We can be curious to see what else will happen in the near future.