How people engaged in the COVID-19 year 2020 can be nicely deduced from the Google Trends search results. In May, twice as many people were interested in how to plant a vegetable garden than the year before, or even how to bake bread. Then, when the lockdown occurred worldwide, searches went in the direction of hobbies and virtual activities and the most searched term was suddenly virtual museum, but meditation was also high in the query rate. Finally, people around the world were plagued by an astonishing lack of sleep, which was also reflected in Google search trends. Many people’s desire to cope with COVID isolation also helped animals in shelters – never before have there been so many searches for foster animals and adoptions worldwide.

Google Trends show increased interest in online games

Parlor games were also suddenly in high demand, and with the tighter lockdown, search queries also went into the area of online games. As far as the term “poker” was concerned, the search trends for it worldwide did not let up during the last 12 months. In Germany, too, people searched for similar terms related to poker. Most searches came from Bremen, followed by Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Hamburg.

Poker search terms in Google Trends

Unsurprisingly, given the extraordinary times, the search term “poker online with friends” was at the top of the list of most searched terms. In second place, a surprising number of people were interested in “career poker”, followed by “learn to play poker”. Then among the most searched poker terms were “poker winning table”, “poker combination”, “pineapple poker”, “ggpoker” and even “strip poker rules”.

Google Trends gave us a timeline for this with a noticeable spike in the period July 19 – 25. We wanted to know what might be behind it and set out to find out. The spike represents the period in which the 2020 Summer Online World Series of Poker was held. The series took place on and on GGPoker. Therefore, it is no wonder that “ggpoker” was searched for remarkably often.

We took a closer look at “strip poker” and surprisingly found some outliers in early Feb 2020, mid-March and late May in addition. The search for “online poker mit freunden” was consistently popular in Berlin, Bavaria, Baden-W√ľrttemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia with some outliers:

Online poker also had sustained search interest with the same strong peak in July. Berliners searched the most followed by Bremen and Saarlanders:

Also “poker kombination” was regularly searched by many people from April to October. This refers to the possible combinations of cards in a poker game. It was interesting that poker reading, especially “poker books”, was also searched for very often:

Since Texas holdem continues to be the most popular poker game, this is also reflected in the search trends of the Germans, which looked about the same in the previous year:

Online Casino Search Terms in Google Trends

The topic of online casinos was also consistently a popular search term in Germany. The Saarlanders searched for this the most, followed by people in Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony-Anhalt and Berlin. Interestingly, the timeline shows the same peaks in July as was already seen for the search term “poker”:

The most popular search terms were “online casino with high chance of winning” and also “newest online casino”:

Also “online casino bonus without deposit 2020” was searched very often:

Online roulette was permanently popular with two peaks in July and early February:

Baccarat continues to be popular with online casino players, as this trend shows:

Online blackjack was far less popular in Germany in 2020 than in the same period of the previous year, with one exception:

For online craps there were periodically also increased searches. Surprisingly, only the Hessians in Germany were interested in this online casino game! However, online craps was far less in demand than in the same period last year.

Online bingo – quite amazingly – held up much better than other popular online casino games in last year’s search trends. People in Lower Saxony and Hamburg were most interested in this online pastime:

Online slot games were surprisingly significantly less interesting in Google searches than they were a year earlier, with one exception in July 2020:

Conclusion on Google Search Trends 2020

Online casinos with their whole variety of casino games have continued to be a popular way to distract themselves over the last 12 months and this is clearly reflected in the individual search terms. The fact that many people are interested in the online casino offer will probably also inspire providers to further expand their offers accordingly in order to appeal to an even broader audience.