The play money

The financial stake is paid in the form of credits on the slot machines or online slot game. As soon as the player receives a win, it is added to the credits. Players can cash out the winnings at the end of the game or have them credited to their own online account.

The players

Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the slot machine game. Players do not play against the slot machine, but bet alone against the built-in random number generator. It must be mentioned at this point, however, that of all games of chance, the slot machines are the most addictive for players.

Der Einsatz

Slot-Maschinen bieten den Spielern die Möglichkeit, mit kleinem oder großem Einsatz zu spielen und bei jedem Dreh der Slot-Walzen auf eine Auswahl von festgelegten Gewinnlinien zu setzen.

game description

Although most slot machines differ visually, they have more or less the same structure. The player’s goal is to select the best possible pay lines to make the random number generator match the winning constellation. The random number generator in the software spins the virtual reels in the online game or the real reels in a traditional slot machine game and determines which symbols are displayed at the end. Additional winning options such as free spins, jackpots or so-called pick & click games, as well as the selection and quantity of pay lines, can increase the chances of winning.

The slots

Slot machines have between three and five vertical reels that the random number generator rotates independently. This is called spin. Different symbols are printed on each reel. The correct arrangement of the slot symbols in horizontal order on so-called paylines counts as a win. Most slot machines display three rows of symbols on the reels.

Players can trigger the spin by pressing a spin button, sometimes called a start button. But there is also a button to set up an automatic spin that triggers spins as long as there are enough credits or the player disables it. This button is called the Auto Play Button. If it is activated, the player does not have to click on the Spin Button each time. In some slot games it is also possible to preset Auto Play to a certain number of spins.

The individual game can be adjusted by using additional buttons. For example, you can choose the number of lines and the bet per line. The bet per line can be set individually. All bets are added up and displayed in the Total Bet field for clarity.

It is highly recommended that you read the game instructions for the respective slot game. There you will find the number and the course of the winning lines. Information about the winning odds can also be found here.

Slots – how to play


The number of lines selected determines the odds of winning. The more lines selected, the higher the chance of winning. At the same time, however, the total stake is also higher. Depending on how the random number generator leaves the reels, the symbols will fall into position, at best on one of the selected paylines. Modern slot machines offer a wide variety of different paylines. These lines can be diagonal, straight, zigzag, or different patterns or so-called clusters (groups) on the reels. Players select the pay lines individually before starting to play. The selection of paylines can be changed at any time.


On each roller there are different symbols with different values. If similar low value symbols fill one of the selected paylines, the payout will be smaller than if higher value symbols are placed in the same order. There are also special symbols in slot games to increase the chances of winning. These include the wild symbol – which works in a similar way to wild cards. There are also usually various bonus symbols that can be beneficial. So-called scatter symbols, which do not necessarily have to appear on the payline, can still be a winning symbol.

Other ways to win

Free spins

They are also called Free Spins and keep the player in the game and in good spirits. They are practically worth their weight in money, as they do not cost the player a stake, but can make a profit. Winning free spins can be done in different ways depending on the slot game. Sometimes they even offer other chances to win that are not offered in normal spins. To make the most of these, it is advisable to read the game instructions carefully.

pick & click games

Players are given the opportunity here to select and click on objects, symbols or, depending on the game, other containers with bar prizes. With a bit of luck, a win or further free spins are hidden behind this.


Some slot games offer the chance to win a jackpot, which is usually very high but difficult to win. How such jackpots work can be read in the individual game instructions.


It happens in some slot machine games that a re-spin is won where, for example, a previously won wild symbol stops and the player has an advantage in re-spin.


This is a bonus after a win, which is offered on some slot games. The previous symbols on the reels are removed and new ones appear. Players can continue playing and win. Usually the drop-down game ends when no more winnings are made.

Exchanged symbols

This winning option exchanges symbols on the reels that may have less value for those that increase the player’s chances of winning.

Slots winning rates

To find out about the odds of winning a slot game, players are advised to read the game instructions provided with each slot machine game. The winning possibilities and odds are usually listed in clear tables. By the way, if players are not very experienced with slot games, online slot game providers usually offer the possibility to practice in practice mode.