Black Jack

The Players

Up to seven players can play in the Black Jack game. The players are divided into active and passive players. In front of them on the game table, the active players are each assigned a marked field, the so-called box. Each active player alone makes all the game decisions for his box and a player can play on several boxes at the same time at one table if he wishes.

If someone wants to play at a blackjack table, but all the seats are taken, there is also the option of playing as a passive player. This is possible in real casinos and more and more in live online casinos. Passive players can bet on the cards of active players. However, they have no influence on the decisions of the active player, but can bet on several players.

The dealer plays a major role in the game of Black Jack. He represents the casino and has to play according to strict rules.

The Black Jack gaming table

Black Jack is played at a special gaming table. It is designed in an approximately semicircular shape. On the round side of the table are the squares or circles, so-called boxes, one for each player, printed on the tablecloth. On the opposite, straight side of the table is the dealer with the bank and card deck. The dealer is sometimes called the croupier, banker or dealer. There is usually more information printed on the card. Usually at the top, the payout for a Black Jack is indicated. Below that, the information about how the dealer is to play at that table. Again below, a large box with the word “insurance” and how much is paid out.

The play money

The wager in the game of Black Jack is usually called chips or tokens that substitute for real money. Black Jack players can play with as many chips, their so-called bankroll, at a Black Jack table as they wish. The Black Jack game chips come in different colors that represent different values. When playing online, the amounts are only displayed visually next to the virtual chips.

Game description

In the Black Jack game, each player plays for himself and against the bank. The goal is to win and there are three different ways to do this. A player wins against the dealer if his hand of cards ends up being worth more than the dealer’s. He also wins if the dealer overbids. Overbuying means that the sum of the card hand is higher than 21.

If a player overbids, he automatically loses his bet, regardless of whether the dealer later overbids or not. And a player wins immediately if he has a blackjack. A Black Jack is a combination of an ace and a card with a card value of 10. If the dealer also has a Black Jack, the game ends in a tie and the player can keep his bet.

Black Jack rules for the dealer

In Black Jack, there are set rules for the dealer. For example, the dealer must always count an ace as eleven points, except when it exceeds 21. Then he may count the ace as one point. On the table is printed the most important of the dealer’s rules: the dealer must draw to 16 and stand on 17, which means he must draw another card to 16. If he has 17 or more, he may not draw another card.

If the dealer draws a card and the sum of his cards exceeds 21 points, all players remaining in the game automatically win. Otherwise, only the players whose card value is higher than the dealer’s card value win.
In the event that a player has Blackjack, the player will only win against the Bank if the Dealer does not have Blackjack. However, if the dealer does have a Black Jack, the game would end in a tie between the two. The player keeps his bet.

Wenn der Dealer einen Black Jack hält, verlieren alle Spieler ihr Spiel, wenn sie nicht selbst ebenfalls einen Black Jack haben und auch dann, wenn sie einen Kartenwert von 21 halten.

Die Regeln sehen allerdings für genau diese Situation eine Versicherungsmöglichkeit gegen einen möglichen Black Jack des Dealers vor. Wenn die offenliegende Karte des Dealers ein Ass ist, wird der Dealer jedem Spieler die Versicherungsmöglichkeit gegen einen potenziellen Black Jack des Dealers angeboten. Dazu wird ein zusätzlicher Betrag in der Höhe des zuvor gemachten Einsatzes innerhalb der aufgedruckten Versicherungszeile gesetzt. Sollte der Dealer am Ende einen Black Jack halten, bekommen die versicherten Spieler das Doppelte des gesetzten Versicherungsbetrags ausbezahlt. Wenn der Dealer keinen Black Jack hat, ist der Versicherungsbetrag verloren.

Black Jack applications

At the Black Jack table, players can place their bets within the table limit.

The stakes: In the game of Black Jack there are minimum and maximum stakes, so-called table limits. In traditional as well as online casinos there are usually different Black Jack tables with different table limits.

The wager in the Black Jack game must be placed by each player before the cards are dealt, but may be increased during the course of the game. In the game of Black Jack, the sum of all bets in a box is not allowed to exceed the table limit. This means that splitting or raising is also allowed in the game. These actions cannot be played if the table limit has already been reached.

So-called high-limit tables are also often offered. At such tables, however, the number of players is kept very low.

Especially in the online Black Jack game, many individual betting variations are offered. For example, bets can be placed on your own card suit, on pairs, that your own cards are higher than the dealer’s cards, and much more. In real casinos, the betting rules are kept more classic and the highest still extended by pairs. In general, Black Jack players benefit from such betting variations through higher payouts and more game advantages.

Other players who do not have their own box can play passively and place their bets in an active player’s box. They are also subject to the table limits and have no influence on the active player’s game decisions. However, they can insure, split or raise their bets.

Black Jack odds

The most common Black Jacks are paid out at a 3:2 ratio. However, there are also worse odds of 6:5 for the player in some casinos. In the 3:2 payout, the stake is multiplied by a factor of 1.5. This can also be calculated this way: Bet x 3 divided by 2. The player receives the winning amount plus the original bet.

Wenn der Spieler eine höhere Kartenzahl hat als der Dealer oder der Dealer überkauft hat, wird der Gewinn im Verhältnis 1:1 ausgezahlt.

5 Card Charlie ist eine manchmal angewandte Regel. Dabei gewinnt ein Spieler automatisch im Verhältnis 1:1 wenn er fünf Karten hält und dabei immer noch nicht überkauft hat.

Black Jack Jargon

Payout refers to the payout won by the player.
split is the tearing apart or splitting of two cards and then betting on two sets of cards.
Double down
Double down>/strong> is a bit confusing because of the word “down”. It basically means that a player doubles his bet.
Stand>/strong> stands for Hold. It indicates that no further card should be drawn.
Hit stands for giving another card.
Surrender>/strong> means giving up or getting out. Players can display a Surrender before being asked to play.
Bust>/strong> means broken and is displayed when the sum of the card values exceeds 21.
Push>/strong> is the word for a tie between the dealer’s and player’s card value.
Soft 17
Soft 17>/strong> explains that the dealer is holding a card combination with an ace and one or more other cards that add up to a card value of 6. The dealer’s rules will define whether or not the dealer must draw 17 on a Soft 17.

Black Jack play tactics

As a basis for their game tactics, players should familiarize themselves with the dealer’s rules, i.e. by when the dealer must draw cards. As a rule, the dealer must draw up to 16 and hold beyond that. Sometimes he has to draw even further on a soft 17.

Advanced Black Jack players may count the cards. Then it is important to know how many decks of cards are used in each game.

Basic Strategy – Basic strategy is the most commonly used game tactic. There are various strategy cards or plans that show exactly how a player should best govern on certain card values. Such strategy cards can be downloaded from the Internet. In real casinos they are usually not allowed to be used. Players would have to learn the respective strategies by heart.

Black Jack variants

For the game of blackjack, several other variations have evolved over time, which can be quite interesting to play. It is estimated that there are now over 100 Black Jack game variations. Most of the newer game variants can be found in the online game.