The players

In the bingo game, the number of players is actually not limited. However, in classic casino bingo can only play as many players as there are bingo cards available. In online bingo, there is no such restriction. Bingo is a lottery game in which it depends less on tactics or skill of a player, but rather on his luck and his speed to correctly assign drawn numbers.

The play money

In the bingo game there are no game chips or chips. The respective bet of a bingo player is corresponding to how many bingo cards he buys cards. If bingo is played online, a player also buys a corresponding number of virtual bingo cards. Depending on the casino, the price of a bingo card is different.

The Bingo Cards

For the bingo game, bingo cards, also called bingo game tickets, are used. Depending on the game variant, there are differently structured bingo cards. The classic bingo card consists of 5 x 5 fields. On 24 of these fields a different number between 1 and 75 is printed, only the 25th field in the middle is always empty. Above the fields is a letter above each vertical column. Read horizontally it results in the word BINGO. All numbers in the column below the B are between 1 – 15, below the I between 16 – 30, below the N between 31 – 45, below the G between 46 – 60 and below the O between 61 – 75. Each Bingo card is filled with a different combination of numbers.

The tokens or markers

For the bingo game, small bingo stones are needed, which are used as markers on the players’ bingo cards. Modern methods in classic bingo casinos have mechanical solutions built into the bingo cards. In the classic bingo game, the numbers are marked with a pen (= marker) on the bingo card. In online bingo, the markers are displayed virtually. Marked are the announced numbers on the bingo card.

Bingo rules

Learning the bingo rules is easy and just as quickly explained. The bingo game begins when all players have their bingo cards ready. In the classic bingo rules in the casino, the so-called caller draws a bingo ball from a container with a total of 75 bingo balls approximately every 5 to 10 seconds. On each bingo ball is a certain number printed. The caller announces this number only once, usually by first calling out the letter and then the number, e.g. O-75. Then he places the ball in front of him on a control board. For the bingo players it is important to listen carefully to what number is called. The more cards are drawn, the more difficult it is to assign them. Whoever finds the number called on his or her bingo cards, marks it accordingly. Whoever has first filled in a row, his whole Bingo card or a certain, previously given pattern, calls according to BINGO! and wins. In online bingo, a corresponding bingo button must be clicked.

Bingo pattern

Depending on the bingo variant, different winning patterns are given. In 75 Ball Bingo, for example, there is Tilde, Explosion, Corner, Hangman, the letter “A”, the Full House. The latter means that the bingo card must be filled out completely. In online bingo, there are countless different variants, some of which are automatically recognized with the support of the software as bingo patterns.

Bingo variants

There are two classic Bingo types: Bingo with 75 and with 90 numbers. In addition, there are many other interesting variants in online casinos up to Speed Bingo or the 30 ball bingo variant. Depending on the provider, even more exciting additions are offered to increase the profit at online bingo.

Bingo winnings

Winning at bingo is very different depending on the game, bingo pattern and casino. In Bingo tournaments higher winnings can be achieved

Bingo Jargon

Bingo Marker: A pen used in classic bingo to write on the cards.

Caller: The caller is the one who draws and calls out the bingo numbers. In online bingo the number is announced by an electronic voice, in live online bingo, however, a real human voice is heard and the caller is shown by video.